AVS Industries, LLC (AVS), founded by Dave Sydow in December 2004, provides high temperature textile solutions to companies worldwide.

Dave brings decades of technical expertise in the manufacture of high temperature silica textiles. After graduating from the University of New Mexico with a degree in chemical engineering, Dave went on to obtain his MBA from the University Utah.  He worked for Hercules Incorporated as an Aerospace Engineer for many years before taking a position as an International Sales Manager for Ametek-Haveg Division which manufactured high temperature silica textiles. Dave cultivated his knowledge and passion for silica textiles over a lengthy career with Ametek and continues to help customers as the Chairman of the Board of AVS.

Doug Sydow started at AVS in 2007 as Vice-President of Sales and Marketing to help grow AVS’ high temperature textile business.  His background in surface treatment and coatings has provided AVS with cutting edge technology to improve handling and thermal properties of silica textiles. Today, Doug is the President & CEO at AVS.  He along with his dedicated staff is taking AVS into the future of high temperature textiles.