AVS Sewing Threads
AVS Threads and Yarns
welding blankets, welding curtains and welding pads
Product Description
E Fiberglass Sewing Thread is offered for applications requiring intermediate capability up to 1,000°F (555°C). For applications up to 1,450°F (790°C), S2 Fiberglass Sewing Thread is offered.

Metalized Sewing Thread should be used when high temperature resistance is required over 1,500°F (815°C). Three types are offered.
  • S2 Fiberglass Twisted with Stainless Steel
  • S2 Fiberglass Twisted with Inconel Steel
  • Standard Cotton-Jacketed Stainless Steel
Potential Applications
  • Curtain Fabrication
  • Removable Insulation
  • Stress Relief Blankets
  • Conveyor Belts
  • Heat Shields
  • Special Protection Items
  • Bellow Shrouds
  • Tadpole Gaskets