AVS Industries, LLC
Silica/Fiberglass Fabrics and Textiles
The Company
AVS Industries, LLC (AVS) was formed by Dave Sydow in January, 2005 with the goal of "Servicing the World with High Temperature Textiles."

Dave Sydow, President & CEO, brings 35 years of experience in silica textiles to the company in areas of product development, technical support, vendor coordination and worldwide sales and marketing.

Proprietary Products
AVS is both a manufacturer and user of outside converting services which improve textile properties based on the founder's specifications and technical expertise. These converting services include the addition of topical coatings (primarily silicones) to one or both surfaces of the fabric, laminations of aluminized film or foil, laminations of film adhesive systems, and fabric chemical finishes. The basic amorphous silica products include fabrics, needled insulation, rope, sleeving, and tape. All of these products have a minimum silicon dioxide (SiO2) content of 96 percent. Silica fabrics can be certified to meet Military Specification, MIL-C-24576A(SH). Fiberglass products are offered with a concentration in fabrics.

Worldwide Service
Products are shipped from our warehouse in New Castle, Delaware. Products are available outside the United States through exclusive distributors.